Oil press MV-500 is used to produce different vegetable oils. The seeds of rape, sunflower and soya are used (extruded full-fat soybean is also suitable). Oil-press works as follows: pre-prepared oilseeds (clogging by impurities no more than 1%) are loaded into the pressing camera of the oil-presses.
Then, the oilseeds are compressed, which is amplified closer to the exit. The process of oil extraction from oilseeds is accomplished by generated pressure. The extracted oil fills the pan through the holes of the oil-press. Crushed and pressed oilseeds go out from the pressing camera through the adjustable gap. Small dimensions and weight of the oil-presses, original construction of pressing camera allow  to get high quality oil, ensure remaining of vitamins, there is no need for extra cleaning and oil has a long storage life.