Feed/Soybean extruder is intended for production of extruded combi-feeds for cattle, pigs and poultry, and can also be used for production of full-fat soybean extruded meal with high digestibility due to complex structural changes that take place in the grain during extrusion and purification from pathogenic organisms exposed to 20-30 atm. and temperature - 120-180 ° C.
Soybeans / Feed Extrusion Line can process grain and corn cereal, wheat, barley, rye, peas, soybeans, sunflowers and others.
Application of feed/soybean extruder improves significantly food quality of feeds: improves digestion and palatability of feeds, digestibility of feeds is increased significantly to 95%. As a result, the gain of animals increases, feed costs reduce, the loss of youth reduces due to reduction of bacteria in grain.