Ola-PPHUSp. zo.o. - a company successfully operating in the market of food and processing equipment. These are the cereal extruders for production corn sticks, the corn extruder for feed production, filling and packaging machines, pelletizers, transporters, cumulative equipment, mixers for flowable components and others. The company is also engaged in engineering, “turnkey” kittingof lines for production: refined sugar, baking products with filling, popcorn, dry crackers, grass flour, grinded coffee, straws, dry crackers and many other.

Our market is not only Ukraine, but also Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan. This was achieved due to the intelligent combination of price and quality. The basic principle of our work - the release of high-quality and reliable machines and equipment to ensure the implementation of technology processes at a high level. We have grown considerably since our establishment, having qualified staff among us and streamlined production mechanism, which ensures high quality of manufactured equipment. Presently, many lines for food and processing industry were commissioned by our company. Accumulated experience has given us the strong support in solving new challenges and allows to undertake projects of any complexity, as well as our experts are always ready to advise our customers. 


Arguments in favor of purchase the equipment produced by Ola-PPHUSp. zo.o.

  • Simple production process
  • High profitability up to 100%
  • Unlimited number of flavors
  • Quality of the equipment, confirmed by more than 100 customers around the world
  • We offer automated production line with packaging machine
  • Certificate of Conformity CE
  • Training your staff
  • We order the main part of manufactured equipment from the company www.yuzhmash.com/ - “quality, proven by space”
  • Product profitability is proved by our own production and sales of goods in retail net in Ukraine (www.atbmarket.com - over 750 stores)
  • We send the spare parts directly by carrier-service in each corner of the world
  • There is a possibility of delegation the technologist for the first 3 months to inspect the production process (product quality, organoleptic properties) you have at site (for additional fee)
  • Investment pay-back period – to 1 year
  • Only with us! You can check out the equipment chosen, before paying a deposit and register in the contract that the final product must conform to the model you have sent
  • Opportunity to purchase particular elements of the lines
  • Experience - more than 23 years of production of extruded products and 15 years in “turnkey” production of lines.