The company «RUSTAR FOOD», Almaty, Kazakhstan

Extruder for the production of corn sticks UVKH-060.

"Rustar Food" - one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of snack products in the territory of Kazakhstan.


Company "Buelo" of Kishinev, Moldova

Extruder for the production of corn sticks EKP-250.

"Buelo" - a major producer of corn sticks in Moldova.


Company "VAN-VIT", Poland

Automatic packaging of bulk products (dust-free).

"VAN-VIT" - sweets factory, one of the largest in Poland, more than 20 years of experience in the production of sweets will significantly expand the product range.


The company "Sladkiy potok", Donetsk, Ukraine

Equipment for the production of food grains by extrusion.

"Sweet Stream" - a company engaged in the production of popcorn, cotton candy, corn sticks.


The company "AG Feeding", Poland

The extruder feed W-950.

"AG Feeding" - the company manufacturer of feed and products for the production of feed for animals.