Croutons Extruder / Bread Crumb Production Line is designed to produce a large range of extruded foods: soy textured, baby food, extruded starch, extruded sticks, balls, stars, pillows with fillings, bread and so on. Extruder has a capacity of 450 kg / h of dry mixture.
The extruder is easy to maintain and repair, it has free access to all units and mechanisms. Only imported bearings are used in the extruder box.
The extruder is equipped with self-cleaning screws of high hardness, which excludes the presence of carcinogens and solids in the final product, and also allow not to make disassembly and cleaning of the extruder zones at shutdown of equipment.
The extruder is equipped with a microprocessor control system with touch screen operator’s panel and startup function, which greatly improves the reliability of the product and clear and easy the process of extruder control.
The extruder is equipped with necessary units (matrixes, hinged cutters, storage bins) according to the chosen technology.